The Sound -

Age: 18 and up

The "Sound!" is a young adults group designed to bring glory to the Father. "The SOUND!" envisions a group of young adults that are committed, passionate, focused and thoroughly prepared for our coming Savior. "The SOUND!" will be an outlet by which young adults of the faith can come and receive encouragement to live their lives to glorify God. "The SOUND!" will be contagious as we display a holy and human lifestyle amongst our peers. We will be a ministry in which the gospel will be well communicated and articulated to educate for spiritual maturity. "The SOUND!" will be careful to love and seek to revive and restore those who have fallen in the faith. We will be the light on the hill and the salt of the earth acknowledging our responsibility to become disciples of Christ. "The SOUND!" will ring out to this generation that it is not only possible, but God's desire to be a young people that are enjoying there walk with God as they live out the Christian lifestyle according to God's Word.


Ladies Auxiliary

Welcome to Harvest, we consider it a privilege and would like to welcome you to find out more about our Ladies Auxiliary. As women of God we look forward to getting acquainted with you and introducing our church mission, vision and values . If there are any questions and concerns you might have, please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

Mission Statement: Encourage Harvest Ladies to strive for excellence, to better themselves to reach for spiritual maturity through God's Word from the least to greatest of us.